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Historical Themes

African-American Experience and American Racial Attitudes :
Selected Primary Sources

These represent a select few of the primary sources available on our site. To find additional materials, please use the search form.

Proceedings of the State Convention of Colored Citizens of the State of Illinois, Held in the City of Alton, November 13, 14, and 15th, 1856 (Chicago: Hays and Thompson) Permission: Northern Illinois University.

Illinois Anti-Slavery Convention [1838], Proceedings of the Ill. Anti-Slavery Convention: Held at Upper Alton on the Twenty-sixth, Twenty-seventh, and Twenty-eighth October, 1837 (Alton, IL: Parks and Breath) Permission: University of Chicago.

Lincoln, Abraham; Nicolay, John G., ed.; Hay, John, ed. [1837], 'Protest in the Illinois Legislature on the Subject of Slavery' in 'The Complete Works of Abraham Lincoln, v. 1' (New York: Francis D. Tandy Company, 1894) Permission: Northern Illinois University.

Author Unknown [1851], The South Bend Fugitive Slave Case, Involving the Right to a Writ of Habeas Corpus (New York Anti-Slavery Office) Permission: Northern Illinois University.

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