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In order to better serve the needs of teachers, we are offering links to the Real Audio and Video files available on our sites so they can be downloaded for easier playing in the classroom: Click here to download Audio/Video files.

1. Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858
2. Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858: Interactive Map Activity
3. The Anti-Slavery Movement
4. The Black Hawk War--Reconstructing "Stillman's Run"
5. The Cherokee Removal
6. Lincoln, Patriotism and Protest
7. Songs of the Times: American Concerns in 19th Century Campaigns

8. Slavery and the Legal Status of Free Blacks: Rhetorical Analysis of Debates During the 1847 Illinois Constitutional Convention
9. Free Market Labor vs. Slave Labor: Debating the Mud-Sill Theory
10. To Come to Illinois — Or Not?
11. Was the Dred Scott Decision Judicial Activism? The Theoretical Foundations of Legal Reasoning
12. Diplomatic Misunderstandings: Indian Treaties and the Black Hawk War
13. Parties and Their Politics: Analyzing Political Party Platforms, 1840-1860
14. The Importance of Religion in Political Life in the 19th Century: Abraham Lincoln's Experience
15. Gender Roles in the Mid-Nineteenth Century: What Fiction Tells Us

Acknowledgments: The Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitization Project would like to thank the National Endowment for the Humanities for funding lessons 8-15 under the We the People Project.


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