Harry Clay When a Boy.


TUNE — "Harry Bluff."

Harry Clay, when a boy, was without friends or home,
Left a poor orphan lad on the cold earth to roam,
But the fire of his genius flashed early to view,
And he filled all with wonder, the older he grew;


Tho' his mind it was young, he won sages' applause;
When our land was in danger he roused hearts in her cause;
Old statesmen all cried he'd one day lead the — VAN; (Van B.)
Tho' in years but a boy, he'd the wisdom of man,
And the soul of a pure Yankee Freeman.
Ere to manhood advanced, he a statesman became,
And toiled for his dear country's freedom and fame;
So true to his party, in council so brave,
The thunder of his voice hushed each treacherous knave;
If our nation was wronged, his heart leaped at the sound,
And the power of his mind awed the nations around.
Then honor brave Hal with our country's high sway.
And he'll make foe and knave all our lost rights repay,
With the soul of a pure Yankee Statesman.