We Are Met Again Like Jolly Boys.


TUNE -- "Ole Dan Tucker."
Song performed by: Dean Potter, Leslie Beukelman (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

We are met again like jolly boys,
We'll have good luck, so join in singing,
Let Locofocos play with toys,
We'll toil and tug, our Clay to bring in.
Hurrah for Clay, hurrah for Clay,
Hurrah for Clay, he's bright and lucky,
Clear your throats for old Kentucky.

That same old coon is come again,
The time has come for Whigs to rally,
So hoist your flag with mights and main,
And strive to win for gallant Harry.
Hurrah, &c.

We'll meet our foes, we'll give them battle,
Until they are as green as cabbage,
We'll rout them all, we'll make them rattle,
We'll spike their guns, we'll burn their baggage.
Hurrah, &c.

Their host of office-seekers all,
We will row them up Salt River,
And even now our great Clay call
Begins to make them shake and shiver.
Hurrah, &c.

They say 't wont do to sing again,
But we will sing, and sing in chorus,
We'll sing, and sing with might and main,
Until we drive them all before us.
Hurrah, &c.


So here's success to Henry Clay,
He'll tear the Locos all asunder,
Again we are sure to win the day,
Again we'll sing as loud as thunder.
Hurrah, &c.