The First Polk Song.


Song performed by: Dean Potter, Leslie Beukelman (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

TUNE -- "Old Dan Tucker."

Ah, Matty Van's a used up man,
And Lewis Cass he cannot pass,
And as for our old friend Tecumseh,
He's lost amidst the "Rumsey Dumsey."
Hurrah, hurrah, the Nation's risin'
For Harry Clay and Frelinghuysen.

There's Stewart he can't run at all,
And Buck' kept quiet in his stall,
The Loco's are uncertain folk,
They've knock'd all down, and set up Polk.
Hurrah, hurrah, &c.

You'd better keep your Polk away,
Or we will cover him o'er with Clay,
The coons will never stop or baulk,
But eat up berries, Polk and stalk.
Hurrah, hurrah, &c.

And Wright was right at any rate,
To spurn a hook with such a bait,
For Vice with such a man as Polk,
E'en Silas thought too great a joke.
Hurrah, hurrah, &c.

The deed is done -- did you not hear,
The discord ringing in your ear,
They could not give you men more callous,
Than James K. Polk, and George M. Dallas
Hurrah, hurrah, &c.