Away with Traitor Tyler.


Written for the Choir of the National Clay Club.
AIR — "Away with Melancholy."

Away with Traitor Tyler;
Down with the Veto King;
Our party's base reviler;
Whilst the people cheerily sing —

Though for years of gloomy sorrow,
We've cursed that traitor's crime;
Yet we wait a glorious morrow,
And sternly "bide our time."

Now as each hour is falling,
Thorns strew the traitor's path;
And to his ears appalling,
Sounds the People's long pent wrath.

But as from the horizon,
Now breaks our triumph's day,
Behold our Frelinghuysen,
And glorious Harry Clay.

Then away with grief and sorrow,
Ye patriots of our land;
Shout for the coming morrow,
And Chieftains of our band.

When the trumpet breaks your slumbers,
For the battle-day prepare;
Rush on in countless numbers,
Let none be wanting there.