The Ladies' Whig Song.


Song performed by: Jean Austin (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

TUNE -- Rosin the Beau.

If e'er I should wish to get married,
And indeed I don't know by I may,
The man that I give up my hand to
Must be the firm friend of Old Clay.
Must be, &c.

For I am sure I could ne'er love a loco,
No matter how grand he might be,
And the man that could vote for Dick Johnson,
Is not of a taste to suit me.
Is not, &c.

Tom Benton's too much of a rowdy,
To claim any good man's support,
And on Jemmy Buchanan's low wages
The people have made their report.
The people, &c.

John Tyler's too mean to be thought of,
A circumstance cropt for a man,
By every true Whig he's regarded,
As only a "flash in the pan."
As only, &c.

His conduct can no way dishearten,
The Whigs only wait for the day,
To make him another "gone Martin,"
And move on with Old Harry Clay.
And move, &c.

Then rouse gallant Whigs to your duty,
And drive all the miscreants away,
Complete what you strove for in forty,
Your watchword be Old Harry Clay.
Your watchword, &c.