Whig Glee.


1st Voice — I am going to vote for Henry Clay!
2d — And so am I!
3d — And so am I!
1st — I think there'll not be much in the way,
To hinder his election;
2d — For Polk and Dallas, not started soon,
Stand no more chance than ‘the man in the moon.’
3d — We'll beat them single, or beat them double,
Just as to them will be the least trouble!

Chorus — Then hip! Hurra for old Kentuck!
Banish far all care and sorrow,
We'll sing our songs today for luck,
And work for Clay tomorrow.

1st — I like with our friends an hour to spend,
2d — And so do I!
3d — And so do I!
1st — And thus to them a hand extend
In fellowship for Harry!
2d — Oh! How pleasant and how fine,
To know such fellowship is mine,
3d — But how sheepish you'll look
If you countenance Polk!
1st — That's not my case,
2d — Nor mine,
3d — Nor mine.

Chorus — Then hip! Hurra for old Kentuck, &c.

1st — I like the fun we're having with Polk,
2d — And so do I!
3d — And so do I,
1st — His political friends don't relish the joke,
But now 'tis past undoing.
2d — The puny chicken of Chapman & Co.,
Has lost his voice and cannot crow,
3d — And we've nothing to do of this pretty job,
But take the corn and leave 'em the cob.