Harry Clay's Raisin'.


AIR — "Old Tip's raisin'."

Come all ye log cabin boys, we'll have another raising,
We have a job on hand, that we think will be pleasing,
We'll turn out and build Harry Clay a new cabin
And finish it off with chinkin and with daubin'.
We want all the log cabin boys in the nation,
To be on the ground to build the foundation,
And every Loco Foco will think it is amazing,
To see how we work at the Clay cabin raisin.
Hurra, hurra, it happens very lucky,
We have such good Clay in Old Kentucky.

We'll clear off the ground plat and put the "dornicks" under,
And put the sleepers on them without any blunder
We'll all go to work as good Whigs ought to do,
And Matty shall be routed like Bonaparte at Waterloo,
We'll shoulder our axes and cut down the timber —
We all learn'd the trade boys in forty, you'll remember —
So hurrah boys — there's no two ways in,
The fun we'll have at the Clay cabin raisin'
Hurra, hurra, &c.

We'll have it well chinked, and we'll put on the cover,
Of good sound clapboards, with the weight-poles over,
And a good wide chimney for the fire to blaze in,
To keep the Whigs warm in the cold winter season,


And when we want to daub it, it happens very lucky,
That we have the best of Clay in Old Kentucky;
For no other State has such good Clay in,
To make up the mortar for the Clay cabin raisin'
Hurra, hurra, &c.

For the hauling of the logs we'll call on Pennsylvany.
For the Conestoga teams will pull as well as any,
And the Yankee states and York state, and all of the others,
Will come and help us lift like so many brothers.
The Hoosiers and the Suckers, and the Wolverine farmers,
And Buckeyes know the right way to carry up the corners,
For every one's a good enough carpenter and mason,
To do a little work at the Clay cabin raisin'.
Hurra, hurra, &c.

We'll cut out a window and have a wide door in,
We'll lay a good loft and a first rate floor in,
We'll fix it complete for Clay to see his friends in,
We know that the latch-string will never have its ends in.
And when our Cabin's finished, and free from all dangers,
We'll invite all our friends, and welcome the strangers,
With songs and with speeches, there's no two ways in
The fun that we'll have at the Clay cabin raisin'.
Hurrah, hurrah, &c.