Farewell! Old Cottage!

Words and music by S. C. FOSTER, and published by permission of S. T. GORDON, 706 Broadway, owner of the copyright.

FAREWELL, old cottage, you and I must part,
I leave your faithful shelter with a poor breaking heart;
The stranger in his might hath cast our lot in twain,
The term of our delight must close in parting pain.

Chorus — Farwell, old cottage, etc.

Farewell, old cottage, memory still enthralls
The loved ones of my childhood in your time beaten walls.
Here my brother played in pride of health and youth,
Here my sister prayed in purity and truth.

Chorus — Farewll, old cottage, etc.

Farewell, old cottage, ofttimes from afar,
Your window light hath served me, as a loved guiding star;
And cheered a heart that longed to join the household mirth,
Where happy faces thronged a hospitable hearth.

Chorus — Farewell, old cottage, etc.