A New Song.


AIR -- "Star-Spangled Banner."

Sung at the annual election for charter-officers, in the the city of Pittsburg.

Oh! who does not see, in this heart-cheering ray
That pierces the cloud of malign domination,
A sign that foretels with precision, the day
When Columbia shall rise from her low degradation --
When the spoil-hunting race shall be foiled in the chase,
The Kinderhook Quack hide his head in disgrace,
And the starry Whig banner triumphantly wave
"O'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave."

O'er the city of PITT, 'mid the eagle's own hills,
Where many a patriot bosom is burning,
What is that which give Tories such horrible chills,
And to which all Whig-eyes are in "fine frenzy" turning?
Say, what is that sight, which fills VAN with affright
And makes all his vassals the nether lip bite?
'Tis the Harrison Banner! -- and soon 'twill be waved
O'er a whole State redeem'd -- o'er a great Nation saved!


All hail the proud KEY STONE! -- she fired the first gun
For the Old "Declaration," blood seal'd by the martyr?
And now she is first to declare for
THE SON OF THE SIRE, whose own hand sign'd that dear cherish'd Charter,
Her first gun has roar'd for the Hero whose sword
Sprang quick from the scabbard, and ne'er was restored
Till Victory smiled! -- For though brave men oft yield,
He never surrender'd! -- He ne'er lost a field!

Let the Swartwouts and Prices who, year after year,
Have fed on "the spoils" and wax'd rich on ourtreasure,
At Harrison's "poverty" throw out the sneer,
And heap on the Vet'ran abuse without measure: --
The wretch that defames, does but strengthen the claims
Of the Hero of Tippecanoe and the Thames,
And freshen the laurels, which, none sought to bruise,
'Till 'twas found that their GREENNESS, gave Martin the BLUES!