The Power of Love.

Music with PIANO-FORTE accompaniment, published by Messrs. FIRTH, POND & Co., 547 Broadway, New York.

MYSELF once more
The Page I cease to play;
All women now,
My soul resumes her sway.
Though conscious love his wakeful heart denies,
In dreadful visions let me charm his eyes!
One blissful moment in my true form seen;
Be love enthroned,
Be love enthroned his fancy's worshipped Queen

There's a power whose sway,
Angel souls adore,
And the last obey,
Weeping ever more.
Doubtful mortals prize,
Smiles from it above;
Bliss that never dies
Such thy power, oh! love!


Source of joy and woe,
Toiler of stern hate;
Lord of high and low,
Women, women calls thee fate!
Fierceness owns thy spell
Vulture thou, and Dove,
Language cannot tell
Half thy power, oh! love!
Language cannot tell half thy power, cannot, cannot tell thy power;
Language cannot tell thy power, no, no, no, no, no,
Language cannot tell thy power, oh! love!