The Freemason's Song.

AIR — "Brave Old Oak."

A SONG to the Craft — the ancient Craft,
That for ages unnumbered hath stood,
Here's health, strength, and might, to the sons of the light,
And our own dear brotherhood,
There's virtue and truth imparted to youth,
When the Charge from the Master is given
And it pointeth the way to those who obey
Its precepts, for they lead to heaven.

In the ancient time, when its secrets sublime
Great Solomon with his brethren would share,
At the temple of old, its proud altar of gold
Was built by the aid of the square.


Now the builder is dead, and its glory hath fled
Like a dream from the human brain;
But its mysteries live, and power still give
To the Craft, which for aye shall remain.

Here's to Hiram's great name, whose undying fame,
Like the Craft, shall for ever endure;
May all Masons still be as faithful as he,
And the vows they have made ne'er abjure.
With heart and with hand, in Masonry's band,
Let us aid and assist one another;
That all men may see that our actions agree
With the creed that's professed by a brother.