Netty Lee.


Oh! Netty my love is dead and gone,
Never more will she smile on me;
'Neath a green grassy mound in the churchyard is found
The grave of Netty Lee!

Oh! Netty, sweet Netty,
My own dear Netty Lee!
Thy head lies low, where the soft winds blow,
'Mong the leaves of the old pine-tree.

My heart it is sad, and my eyes are dim,
For the tears will unbidden flow;
I am left all alone, where the sea-breezes moan,
And to Tennessee I'll go.

Oh! Netty, sweet Netty, &c.

I will leave the old home where I was born,
Beneath the Sycamore tree;
With the possum and coon, by the light of the moon,
I'll travel to Tennessee.

Oh! Netty, sweet Netty, &c.

Among the bright fields of yellow corn,
I will labor from day to day;
And I'll try to forget though my heart will cling yet,
To the spot Netty lay.

Oh! sweet Netty, &c.


For her voice, as sweet as the blue-bird's note,
Still is ringing in mine ear;
And her eye, once as bright as the first star of night,
Will follow me everywhere.

Oh! Netty, sweet Netty, &c.