Letter to Cassius M. Clay



My dear Sir: Your very kind letter of the 6th was received yesterday. It so happened that our State Central Committee was in session here


at the time; and, thinking it proper to do so, I submitted the letter to them. They were delighted with the assurance of having your assistance. For what appear good reasons, they, however, propose a change in the program starting you at the same place (Marshall in dark County), and thence northward. This change, I suppose, will be agreeable to you, as it will give you larger audiences, and much easier travel--nearly all being by railroad. They will be governed by your time, and when they shall have fully designated the places, you will be duly notified.

As to the inaugural, I have not yet commenced getting it up; while it affords me great pleasure to be able to say the cliques have not yet commenced upon me.

Yours very truly,