Song performed by: Chad Sheridan, Jason Schreiber (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

Air: "Old Rosin the Bow."

COME let us all join in a chorus,
And shout it along as we go;
Our song the Whig prospects before us,
And the Hero of Tippecanoe.


When the savage invaded our border,
And thousands most shockingly slew,
He drove them with death and disorder,
On the banks of the Tippecanoe.

When the British and Indians united,
Believing they'd conquer their foe,
Most bravely Fort Meigs saw recited,
The scenes of Old Tippecanoe.

Tecumseh and Proctor determined
The conflict again to renew;
But the Thames' wild forest re-echoed
The glory of Tippecanoe.

For an age he has served them in earnest,
And ever was faithful and true;
And our country's now reaping the harvest,
Was planted by Tippecanoe.

From seclusion the people now call him,
To come out before then anew,
For one single term to instal him
Our President -- Tippecanoe.

The Whigs have all buried dissension,
As patriots ever should do,
And have sworn, to a man, in convention,
To stand by Old Tippecanoe.

The locos have chuckled, denying
That whigism ever will do;
But, astounded, they hear the whole nation
Huzzah for Old Tippecanoe.

The republican banner is waving,
Unfurling its fold to the view,
Oh! Whigs, let your motto be "union,"
And rally round Tippecanoe.


Ye foes to misrule and corruption.
Come join in the jubilee, too,
And we'll shout at the next fall election
For Harrison -- Tippecanoe.