"One Fire More, the Day is Ours."


Lieutenant W. H. Harrison at the Battle of the Rapids.
TUNE — "Jefferson and Liberty"

Close is the fight the bayonet gleams,
The tomahawk is lifted high,
And free the blood of freemen streams,
As yonder rapids rushing by.
So firm the savage foemen stood,
The noblest spirit almost cowers;
"Stand to your arms, my soldiers good,
One volley more, the day is ours!"

Shall soldiers led by fearless Wayne
Ever fear the weapons of the foe?
On to the charge, brave boys, again,
And lay the Indian warriors low.
The star of victory will shine,
Though battle's cloud so darkly lowers,
Press onward to the hostile line,
"One volley more, the day is ours."

And now when foes oppress our land,
Shall fearless freemen ever yield,
When the same hero leads our band,
Who conquered in that battle field?
The people, rising in their might,
Will crush to earth the tyrant's power;
Press onward in fair freedom's fight,
One volley more, the day is ours.