I Stood Amid the Glittering Throng.

I stood amid the glittering throng,
I heard a voice — its tones were sweet!
I turned to see from whence they came —
And gazed on all I long'd to meet!


She was a fair and gentle girl!
Her bright smile greeted me by chance,
I whisper'd low — I took her hand —
I led her forth to dance.

There was but little space to move,
So closely all were drawn;
Yet she was light of heart and step
And graceful as a fawn.
A virgin flower gemm'd her hair,
Her beauty to enhance;
She was the star of all who stood,
In that close cottage dance.

I've mov'd since then in princely halls —
I tread them even now;
I hold in mine the hand of one,
With coronnetted brow;
And I may seem to court her smile,
And seem to heed her glance;
But my heart and thoughts still wander home,
To that sweet country dance,

When I sleep, a melody,
Comes rushing o'er my brain;
And the light music of that night,
Is greeting me again.
Take still small hand in mine,
Amid my blissful trance;
And once more, — vision worth a world —
I led her forth to dance.