My Dear Little Girl.


My dear little girl, shall I freely impart,
And make a fond secret known,
Shall I tell you, with candour, what conquer'd my heart,
And fixed me for ever your own?
Then know it was not e'en your beautiful face,
Nor form which all forms excel;
Ah! no, but your mind, which of all must take place,
Subdued me, my sweet little girl.

Not your cheeks, where sweet roses eternally grow,
Nor skin, than the lilly more white!
Not your lips, which surpass the ruby in show,
Nor eyes more than diamonds bright!
All these could I gaze on unconquer'd and bold,
Nay, smile, truly smile at the spell;
But you spoke! and your mind, yes your mind, be it told,
Subdued me my dear little girl.

In chains from that moment my heart was thy slave,
In bondage forever to be;
For though boasted liberty others may crave
O love bind your fetters on me
With the fair one I prize, and that fair [unknown] wife,
I'll ne'er at my sentence rebel;
But bless the kind moment you gave me for life,
My dear little, sweet little girl.