The Fisherman's Song.


TUNE — "The Bonnets o' Blue."

A storm hath swept over the land,
And it threatens to sweep o'er the sea,
But the hardy young Fisherman firmly will stand
Tho' the "breakers are under his lee."
He knows how to "weather a gale,"
He knows how to "hand, reef and steer;"
He knows when to spread or to "shorten his sail;"
But his heart is a stranger to fear.
A storm, &c.


He knows how a foe should be met,
He knows too a foe from a friend,
And Matty Van Buren his vote cannot get,
He goes for the Man of North Bend,
Here's to Benton, the Humbug, our ban,
We know him the Fisherman's foe;
A fitting companion for little Dutch Van,
May he soon to obscurity go,
A storm, &c.

Here's success to the right good old cause,
If Liberty, Justice and right!
We pledge — to sustain it — our many "huge paws,"
Ever ready for Freedom to fight.
Here's success to the good old man,
Who adheres to the good old law,
And says 'tis a just, and a capital plan
That we the old Bounty should draw,
A storm, and &c.

And now we'll away to the sea,
To try for another "good haul,"
But our friends may depend on it we shall all be
On hand, with our votes, in the fall,
To support the old Hero of Thames,
The chieftain of Tippecanoe,
The man who will heed the brave Fisherman's claims,
For his heart it is honest and true.
A storm, &c.