Dearest, then I'll Love You More.

YES, I'll love you, oh! how dearly
Words but faintly can express,
This fond heart beats too sincerely,
E'er in life to love you less;
No my fancy never ranges,
Hopes like mine can never soar,
If the love I cherish changes,
'Twill but be to love you more, to love you more!
'Twill but be, 'twill but be to love you more.

Through the world hath many sorrows,
And perchance they may be ours,
Love from tears a brightness borrows,
Like the earth from summer showers;
We will share our griefs and gladness.
In the future as of yore;
And in all your hours and sadness,
I'll love you more!
Dearest, then dearest, then I'll love you more!

Youth may pass, but ask not whether,
When you're old I'll love as true;
Shall we not grow old together,
And time's changes mark me too?
Life may cease, but then to heaven
Will my pure affection soar,
Yes, when freed from earthly haven,
Dearest, then I'll love you more!
I'll love you more, etc.