Have You Heard the Good News?


TUNE -- "Rosin the bow."

Have you heard the good news from Virginia,
That makes all the Locos look blue;
She has hauled down the flag of Van Buren,
And hoisted Old Tippecanoe.

Old Ritchie and Co. told "the party"
That the State for Van Buren was true;
But the Log Cabin boys gave them battle,
And conquered for Tippecanoe.

The Locos they worked like all nature,
And told all their lies old and new;
But the Cabin Boys said ‘you can't come it,
We are going for Tippecanoe.’

Rhode Island we've got and Virginia,
And we've taken Connecticut too:
In '36 each were for Martin,
But now they're for Tippecanoe.

Ten cheers for the Ancient Dominion;
Ten cheers for our triumph in view;
We will beat them as bad in October,
As Old Tip did at Tippecanoe.

Huzza for the rest of the Union;
Huzza for our cause good and true;
Huzza for John Tyler, Tom Corwin,
And Huzza for Old Tippecanoe.