Huzza! Huzza! For Now 'Tis Night.


Huzza! huzza! for now 'tis night;
Our hall is bathed in brilliant light,
And thronged with beauty fair and bright,
To hear us once again.
Then let Apollo come and kneel,
And all his dearest gifts reveal,
Until, dear list'ners, you shall feel,
Enchanted by the strain.
Huzza! huzza! for music's magic strain.


Should the cares of life e'er share thy heart,
And to thy brow their cares impart,
Oh I haste to us — we have the art
To chase them far away;
For mirth and music, when combined,
Shall scatter sorrows to the wind,
And not a trace will leave behind,
To cloud your hopes so gay.

Huzza! huzza! we'll chase your cares away. Huzza! huzza!

Huzza! huzza! for sparkling mirth,
The muse that gives our laughter birth,
And makes this seem a happy earth,
Where we poor mortals dwell;
For wit and humor soon will fill
Our hearts with gladness, sorrows kill,
And make you laugh, despite your will,
By their resistless spell.
Huzza! huzza! for wit shall rule the day,
And banish care and grief far, far away.

But now and then
A mournful strain
Is borne along the wind;
But do not weep,
Though sadness creep
Around thy heart so kind:
For soon our cheerful muse will rise,
And dry the tear-drops from your eyes;
And lightsome hearts, which we all prize,
Shall throb again in glee.
Then let our notes of gladness swell,
And echo far repeat the peal,
And cheer the hearts of all who dwell
In this bright land so free.

Huzza! huzza! for this bright land so free. Huzza! huzza! huzza!