Come, Brothers, Arouse.


Come, brothers, arouse, let the owl go to rest,
Oh! the summer's sun is in the sky —
The bee's on the wing, and the hawk's in his nest,
And the river runs merrily by. (Repeat)
Our mother, the world, a good mother was she —
Says, to toil, is to welcome her fare,
Some bounty she hangs us on every tree,
And blesses us with the sweet air.
Come dance, lads, come dance, be gay,
Come dance, lads, come dance lads —
Away, away, away, away, away, away
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.
Come, brothers, arouse, &c.

And this is the life for a man, a man,
And this is the life for me —
A prince may boast, if he can, he can,
But he never was half so free.
Come, brothers, arouse, &c.