My Native Land is Free.


When danger threats our native land,
Our wives and infant cares,
Shame to the coward who shall stand,
To count the cost he dares;


But let him rush with soul of fire,
Regardless of his doom,
And force the recreants to retire,
Or win a glorious tomb,
When if victorious he may sing,
My home's more dear to me,
My wife, my children, round me cling,
My native land is free.

Shall our lov'd country call our aid,
Our wives protection sue,
Our children's tears our hearts invade
And we stand helpless too?
No! by our country's honour sway'd,
Our wives' endearment fir'd.
Our children's love infuriate made,
We're heroes, souls inspir'd!
Then sure to conquer, we may sing,
My home's more dear to me,
My wife and children round me cling,
And my native land is free.