The Clay Girl's Song.


TUNE -- "Old Rosin the Bow."
Song performed by: Jean Austin (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

If e'er I consent to be married,
(And I am not quite sure but I may,)
The lad that I give my fair hand to,
Must stand by the Patriot, CLAY.
Must stand by the Patriot, Clay, &c.

He must toil in this great undertaking,
Be instant by night and by day;
Contend with the Demon of Party,
And vote for the Patriot, CLAY.

In the heat of the battle no flinching,
But firm to his post, come what may;
He's the lad just to my liking
Who strikes for the Patriot, CLAY.

Though his locks may be brilliant as morning,
His countenance as lovely as May;
In my heart there's no place, not a corner,
For any who don't go for CLAY.

Now look to it, all ye young gallants,
The times will admit no delay;


Would you win the frank heart of this maiden,
You must work for the Patriot, CLAY.

Then I'll tender my hand at the altar
To one who is able to say,
"The battle is fought, my beloved,
And won for the Patriot, CLAY."