The Steamboat Skipper.


Once, on a winter night,
On de Mississipper,
Massa had an awful fight,
Wid a steamboat skipper.
Old Massa play de cards dat day,
And win de cappen's paper;
He say, when beat, dat Massa cheat —
Oh! didn't Massa caper!


Chorus. Oh! on dat winter night,
On de Mississipper, Old Massa had de fight
Wid dat steamboat skipper.

Massa hit skipper's eye,
Skipper hit him back agin;
Den Massa he let fly
Wid his boot on skipper's shin.
Skipper hollered, massa follered,
And den his pistol fired;
De skipper stopped, and down he dropped,
And wid a groan suspired.

Chorus. Oh! on dat winter night, &c.

By the broke ob next day,
Old massa was arrested;
In de words dat he say,
De murder he confested!
He say to me — Snow, pray for me;
By gamblin my life's ended.
Dey took him down to Vicksburg town,
And dar his neck suspended!

Chorus. Dat was an awful night,
On the Mississipper,
When massa had de fight,
And killed de steamboat skipper.