Strike for Liberty.


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Words from the Christian Freeman. Air, "Scots wha hae."

Sons of Freedom's honored sires,
Light anew your beacon fires,
Fight till every foe retires
From your hallowed soil.
Sons of Pilgrim Fathers blest,
Pilgrim Mothers gone to rest,


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Listen to their high behest,
Strike for Liberty.

Ministers of God to men,
Heed ye not the nation's sin?
Heaven's blessing can ye win
If ye falter now?
Men of blood now ask your vote,
O'er your heads their banners float;
Raise, Oh raise the warning note,
God and duty call!

Men of justice, bold and brave,
To the ballot-box and save
Freedom from her opening grave --
Onward! brothers, on!
Christian patriots, tried and true,
Freedom's eyes now turn to you;
Foes are many -- are ye few?
Gideon's God is yours!