Have You Heard From Chicago?


AIR -- "Star Spangled Banner."

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O, SAY, have you heard from Chicago today,
As the news has flashed onward from station to station;
O, what is the name that the winged lightnings say,
The Republican choice for the head of the Nation?
See that rocket's red glare,
Soaring high in the air,
And freemen rejoice
For a victory there!
Is it Seward or Lincoln whose banner shall wave,
To lead on the hosts of the free and the brave?


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Now hear ye that sound as it comes on the wind,
Is it thunder, or cannon, that the news is proclaiming?
'Tis the honest, the able, the giant of mind,
It is Lincoln, 'tis Lincoln! all hearts are exclaiming.
The first blow is given,
Our fetters are riven;
The Union stands firm
In the free light of Heaven,
And the flag of Republicans proudly may gleam,
For Lincoln and freedom o'er mountain and stream.

And what is the name on its folds we descry,
Link'd with Lincoln, twin stars of our confederation,
It shines in our flag as it floats on the sky,
As the bright orb that Maine holds in high estimation,
And the Hamlin of Maine,
Without blemish or stain,
With Lincoln, shall lead
On to freedom again;
And the banner of Lincoln and Hamlin shall wave
O'er the land that Republicans rose up to save.

We'll drive back the minions who live on the spoil,
Who barter our birth - rights to subserve their ambition;
We, the sons of free labor, free speech and free soil,
We will send them all back to their normal condition.
That the laws of our land
May with Liberty stand;
While the voice of the free
Is the only command --
Then the banner of Lincoln and Hamlin shall shine
And the South be content with the compromise line.

And thus be it ever when freemen shall stand
Between their loved soil and a slave institution;
Blest with Union and love may the heaven rescued land
Praise the power that upholds the beloved Constitution.
Then conquer we must,
For freedom is just;
On God and our country,
In Union we trust.
And the banner of Lincoln and Hamlin shall wave,
O'er the land that Republicans rose up to save.