For the Election.


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Tune: -- ‘Scots wha hae with Wallace bled.’

Ye who know and do the right,
Ye who cherish honor bright,
Ye who worship love and light,
Choose your side to-day.
Succor Freedom, now you can,
Voting for an honest man;
Let not slavery's blight and ban,
On your ballot lay.

Boasts your vote no higher aim,
Than between two blots of shame
That would slain our country's fame,
Just to choose the least?
Let it sternly answer no!
Let it straight for Freedom go;
Let it swell the winds that blow
From the north and east.

Blot! -- the smaller -- is a curse
Blighting conscience, honor, purse;
Give us any, give the worse,
'Twill be less endured.
Freemen, is it God who wills
You to choose, of foulest ills,
That which only latest kills?
No; he wills it cured.

Do your duty, He will aid;
Dare to vote as you have prayed;
Who e're conquered, while his blade
Served his open foes.
Right established, would you see?
Feel that you yourselves are free;
Strike for that which ought to be --
God will bless the blows.