Jersey Jane.


Music, with Piano Forte Accompaniment, published by Hall & Son, New York.

We hear enough of Topsy, Uncle Tom, and old Legree,
But not about a colored gal dat I know, who is free
And easy when she likes to be, the very best of colored cooks;
For Jersey Jane I sigh in vain — she reads a heap of books.

Jersey Jane, it is quite plain your heart is fond and true;
If you refuse, you'll hear bad news — you don't know what he'll do.

We went to see the play, where all the kings and princes sat;
She said she didn't like crowned heads, nor my old high-crowned hat;
Nor any other thing that's high — I pointed to her foot;
I do confess, she said, Yes, yes; I loves a high-heel boot.

Jersey Jane, &c.

We went into a grand saloon; I thought she have a fit —
She was so unfisticuffed, she could not eat a bit.
I ordered all the dainty things I thought were nice and good —
She said she would prefer to eat more circumstantial food.

Jersey Jane, &c.

I wanted her Daguerreotype, full length, with feet and all;
She said 'twas incondifferent, as she was not very tall;


The fellow he made a picture, only reaching to her shin —
It was useless taking any more, the feet would not go in.

Jersey Jane, &c.

We went to the Elysian Fields; we polka'd on the green;
But other darkies came along, and tried to come between;
I cotch one by his woolly head, and kick him heel and toe,
And flung him half a mile away; 'twas strong, but it was so.

Jersey Jane, &c.