Uncle James


TUNE - Uncle Ned.

THERE was an old gentleman whose name was James;
He was born long ago, long ago;
He may, to be sure, have had some other names,
Which I don't happen to know.

Then lay down the fiddle and the bow,
Take up the shovel and the hoe,
And we'll dig a big hole for old Uncle James,
And bury him deep and low.

In the federal ranks, long time he stood,
And once he was heard to shout
That "if he'd a drop of democratic blood,
He'd be glad to let it out."
Then lay down, &c.

To Ostend once went this very old man,
And this honest scheme did reveal --


" We'll buy Spain's daugher, Cuba if we can,
And what we can't buy we'll steal."
Then lay down, &c.

And when he'd grown old, his partizans thought
They'd take Uncle James by the nose,
And put him up in a fight they fought,
With slavery's host of foes.
Then lay down, &c.

But poor Uncle James was too old to fight,
And too old to run away,
So Uncle James woke one morning bright,
And found he had lost the day.
Then lay down, &c.