Uncle Sam and Mexico.


Song performed by Dean Potter, Leslie Beukelman (vocals), and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

TUNE. -- "Old Dan Tucker."

Throughout de land dar is a cry,
And folks all know de reason why,
Shy Mexico's two legged b'ars,
Am 'tacking Uncle Sammy's stars,


Chorus wid drum. --
Den march away,
Den march away --
Den march away, bold sons of freedom,
You're de boys can skin and bleed'em.

Dey're kicken up gunpowderation.
About de Texas annexation,
Since Mexico makes sich ado,
We'll flog her and annex her too.
Den march away, &c.

Young Texas came ob age quite jam
And den she married Uncle Sam,
She sewed her stars fast to his flag,
An it shall shine dar while dar's a rag,
Den march away, &c.

Dey met us on de Rio Grandy,
We showed 'em Yankee Doodle Dandy
But when brave Taylor cross de line,
He'll make 'em snort like a steam bullgine
Den march away, &c.

Little Texas when quite in her teens,
Did give 'em a dose of leading beans,
An' now old Sammy is called out,
Dey'll catch salt-petre sour crout.
Den march away, &c.

Since Texas cut off Sant Annals peg,
We'll Amputate Ampudia's leg,
An' so his carcass de air shan't spoil
We'll boil it in his own hot oil.