Cheer, Boys, Cheer


Respectfully inscribed to the Hon. HORACE GREELEY.
AIR--"Cheer, boys, cheer."

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Cheer, boys, cheer, the steady breeze is blowing,
Floating freely o'er the prairie's breast;
Freedom will follow in the track we're going,
Star of an Empire glitters in the West.
Cheer, boys, cheer, no more of idle sorrow,
Courage, brave hearts shall bear us on the way,
Hope leads before, and shows the bright tomorrow,
Let us unfurl our banner here today.

Cheer, boys, cheer, for Freedom, blessed Freedom,
Cheer, boys, cheer, united heart and hand,
Cheer, boys, cheer, hurrah for honest Lincoln!
For the leader of our band.

Cheer, boys, cheer, for Liberty, God speed her,
Marching swiftly through the happy land,
Lincoln, the honest hero, is our leader,
He bears our standard in his strong right hand.
Cheer, boys, cheer, for Lincoln of the prairies,
Sun - crowned and tall, our vast nation's pride,
His love of country and the right ne'er varies,
See hosts of freemen gather at his side. -- Cho.

Cheer, boys, cheer, for Hamlin, sun - like rising,
Without cloud - spots on his horizon,
Soon he will be wisely supervising
Our anxious Senators at Washington.
Cheer, boys, cheer, for Union foes cannot sever,
For the triumph now so near at hand,
And for fair Freedom, now and for ever,
Star of an Empire lighting our broad land.