Nobody Comes to Marry Me.


Sung by Mrs. Blake, in the farce of High Life Below Stairs.

Last night the dogs did bark,
I went to the gate to see,
When ev'ry lass had a spark,
But nobody comes to me.

And its oh, dear what will become of me
Oh! dear what shall I do?
Nobody's coming to marry me,
Nobody's coming to woo.

My father's a hedger and ditcher,
My mother does nothing but spin,
And I am a pretty young girl,
But the lovers come slowly in.
And its oh! dear, &c.

They say I am beauteous and fair,
They say I am scornful and proud;
Alas! I must now despair,
For, ah! I am grown very old.
And its oh! dear, &c.

And now I must die an old maid,
Oh! dear, how shocking the thought!
And all my beauty must fade,
But I'm sure it is not my fault.
And its oh! dear, &c.