Red Robin.


Come into my cabin Red Robin,
Thrice welcome, blithe warbler to me,
Now winter has got its white cap on,
And again thou comest trembling to me.
Come, freely hop into my pantry,
And partake of my plain humble fare,
I never blest with a dainty,
But what man and bird might share,

Three years have gone by Red Robin,
Since first thou camest trembling to me,
Alas how things have altered sweet warbler,
Since Mary proved false unto me.
I once had my wee bonny lassie,
But away with another she is gone,
Her friends used to visit my cabin,
But alas! now I sigh all alone.

Sweet is thy wild notes Red Robin,
They bring many a tear in my eye,
It calls to my mind youthful pleasures,
When Mary sung sweetly to me.
Though pleasures gives way to sorrow,
And pleasure give millions to pain,
Frail hope can ne'er delight a fond lover,
Life's comforts I sigh for in vain.

Then where is thy sweet-heart Red Robin?
Go fetch her from the house-top or tree,
I'll bid her to be kind to thee Robin,
Though false was my lassie to me.
Thou shall share every crumb on my table.
And sing the cold winter away,
I would never deceive thee sweet birdy,
Let mortals use me as they may.