Baltimore Hymn.


TUNE — "Marseilles Hymn."

Friends of Reform, arise in power,
Hurl! hurl! to earth fair freedom's foes;
A voice from seventy-six, this hour,
Still warns you of impending woes:
Can freemen silently, in wonder,
Behold a mercenary band,
Give freedom's high and holy land,
To peculation and to plunder!

Arise! arise! ye wise!
To make your country blest:
Be firm, be firm, the watchword still,
The Hero of the West.

See, see, how tyrants triumph o'er us,
In all the pomp of England's pride;
A ruin'd land is now before us,
And threat'ning war on every side;
And shall we tamely hear the story
Of wrongs and wretchedness, in store
For millions on Columbia's shore,
And of Columbia's fallen glory?

Arise! arise! ye wise! &c.

With promises of golden treasures,
Still, still, they seek to win the free;
Believe not in their heartless measures,
But strike alone for liberty:
Will you become the tools of tyrants,
Who seek to sink the laborer low,
And blast him with a single blow,
While they remain the proud aspirants?

Arise! arise! ye wise! &c.


Ye sons of freedom, Oh! awaken,
Nor longer be a slave to those,
Who have your country's cause forsaken,
And ever have been freedom's foes;
Will ye behold a sinking nation,
Her commerce crush'd, her credit gone,
Her manufacturers undone,
And pamper tyrants in their station?

Arise! arise! ye wise! &c.