To Ladies' Eyes.


To Ladies eyes a round, boys,
We can refuse, we can't refuse,
Tho' bright eyes so abound boys,
'Tis hard to choose, 'tis hard to choose;
For thick as stars that lighten you
Airy bow'rs, airy bowr's,
The countless eyes that brighten
This earth of ours, this earth of ours;
But fill the cup, where e'er boys,
Our choice may fall, our choice may fall,
We're sure to find Love there, boys,
So drink them all! so drink them all!

Some looks there are, so holy,
They seem but giv'n, they seem but giv'n,
As splendid beacons, solely,
To light to heav'n, to light to heav'n;
While some — oh! ne'er believe them —
With tempting ray, with tempting ray,
Would lead us (God forgive them!)
The other way, the other way.
But fill the cup, &c.

In some, as in a mirror,
Love seems portray'd, love seems portray
But shun the flattering error,
'Tis but the shade, 'tis but the shade;
Himself has fixed the dwelling
In eyes we know, in eyes we know,
And lips — but this is telling,
So here they go! so here they go!
Fill up, fill up, &c.