Tippecanoe Song.


Song performed by: Chad Sheridan, Jason Schreiber (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

Air: "Old Rosin the Bow."

Come, al ye true-hearted Americans,
And naturalized patriots, too;
Come help to take from the Log Cabin
The hero of Tippecanoe.

Our elections are fast approaching,
And Van Buren, I'm told, is in a stew;
He knows that he'll surely be beaten
By the hero of Tippecanoe.

Now, Martin, you might as well give up,
You know that you never will do;
The people will not be ungrateful
To the hero of Tippecanoe.

New York will leave you behind-hand,
And so will Virginia too;
Both of these gallant states are determined
To go for Old Tippecanoe.

You once carried little Rhode Island,
And noble Connecticut too;
But they say now they'll send their electors
To vote for Old Tippecanoe.

The gallant old Keystone is coming,
With a roaring majority true,
Against the red fox, so cunning,
In favour of Tippecanoe.

The Buckeyes will not be behind us
In this noble works we've to do;
They'll leave the great humbugger minus,
And go for Old Tippecanoe.


The Hoosiers of old Indiana,
Have challeng'd the whole country through,
To send as large a majority
For their favourite Tippecanoe.

With these gallant states along with us,
I'd like to know what you can do;
Why, the people will certainly tell you
To make room for Old Tippecanoe.