Forward! Forward! Is the Word!


(For Male Voices.)
Words and Music composed for the "N.Y. Rail-Splitters' Glee Club," by J.J. CLARKE

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1. Forward! forward! is the word,
The time is near at hand,
When each stout heart must take his post
Throughout this mighty land!
The foe is strong, yet he must fall,
If we united are,
And boldly arrive to do our part
In this most glorious war.

2. Forward! forward! take no rest,
Till the great struggle's o'er,
Till freedom's foes their colors strike,
And struck--be raised no more.
Let FREEDOM still maintain its own,
And, rightly, conquer more,
To spread the blessings of its sway
From center, to the shore.

3. Forward! forward! till the end.
A glorious triumph gives!
For this, we keep our courage up,
For this, each freeman lives!
Then now unsheathe the freeman's sword,
Nor let your arm be still.
Till SLAVERY knows a freeman's power!
Obeys a freeman's will!