A Whig Song.


TUNE — "Come, Brothers Arouse."

Come brothers arouse, 'tis your country that calls,
The Whig banner's bright in the sky,
The foes of fair Freedom are storming her walls,
To defend them, ye patriots fly!
Awake! if your country is dear to the heart,
Awake to the soul-thrilling cry!
Come brothers arouse, at the battle-cry start,
And lift the Whig banner on high.

Come brother arouse, for the land is awake,
And freemen are gathering all,
Resolved every chain of oppression to break,
Resolved the oppressor shall fall,
From the towering mountain, the wide-spreading vale,
They come their loved country to save,
Before them the foes of fair freedom must quail,
For their cause is the cause of the brave.

Come brother arouse, in brave Harrison's name,
And rescue this down-trodden land,
From those who would sully his time-honored fame,
From the rule of a treacherous band.
In the East and the West, in the South and the North,
Arise! 'tis your country that calls;
From your homes and your firesides come fearlessly forth,
For the foeman are storming your walls.