Sinner, Can You Hate the Saviour?


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8s & 7s.
Arranged by Rev. J. W. DADMUN.

1. Now the Saviour stands and pleading,
At the sinner's bolted heart;
Now in heaven he's interceding,
Undertaking sinners part,
Sinner, can you hate the Saviour?
Can you thrust him from your arms?
Once he died for your behavior,
Now he calls you to his arms.

2. Jesus stands, oh, how amazing,
Stands and knocks at ev'ry door;
In his hands ten thousand blessings,
Proffer'd to the wretched poor, &c.

3. See him bleeding, dying, rising,
To prepare you heavenly rest;
Listen, while he kindly calls you,
Hear, and be forever blest, &c.

4. Now he has not come to judgement,
To condemn your wretched race;
But to ransom ruined sinners,
And display unbounded grace, &c.

5. Will you plunge in endless darkness,
There to bear eternal pain;
Or to realms of glorious brightness
Rise, and with him ever reign? &c.