The Grave of Lilly Dale.


Music, with Piano Forte Accompaniment, published by Henry M'Caffrey, Baltimore.

Oh know ye the spot where the sycamore grows,
And tall rushes gracefully wave?
There rests gentle Lilly in silent repose,
The myrtle weeps over her grave.

Oh sleep Lilly dear, be hush'd ev'ry sound,
Save when the brook murmurs and winds sigh around,
'Tis the grave of one, the pride of the vale,
'Tis the couch of my dear Lilly Dale.


She pray'd us to lay her where man never trod,
Where proud garden flowers ne'er grew,
Where violets silently look up to God,
And the song of the brook seems of woe.

The moon as she rises looks over the plain,
And kisses the grave with her beams;
The gray rocks still echo the whip-poor-will's strain,
While the star-light in gentleness beams.

Then rest, Lilly, rest, undisturb'd be thy sleep,
A heart that was true beats for thee;
I will seek thy lone grave but to sigh and to weep
For the one who was dearest to me.