The Successful Suitor.


A lady heard a minstrel sing,
One night beneath her bower;
In wrath she cried, "O what can bring
A stranger at this hour?"
She closed the casement, veiled the lamp,
The minstrel paused in sorrow;
Yet said, "Tho' now I must decamp,
I'll try again to-morrow."

The minstrel came again next night,
The lady was not sleeping;
She slyly, though she'd veil'd the light,
Was thro' her casement peeping.
She heard him fondly breathe her name,
Then saw him go with sorrow;
And cried, "I wonder whence he came! —
Perhaps he'll come to-morrow."

Again she heard the sweet guitar,
But soon the song was broken;
Tho' songs are sweet, oh! sweeter far,
Are words in kindness spoken.
She loves him for himself alone,
Disguise no more he'll borrow;
The minstrel's rank at length is known,
She'll grace a court to-morrow.