Meet Me at Sunrise Alone.


Meet me at sunrise alone,
I's gwine for to tell you a tale;
Be sure dat you does come alone,
And mind that you aint gwine to fail.
Do come, 'cause I promised and said
I'd show Julius my handsome young queen;
Nay, turn not away dat sweet mouf —
You've de wooliest head I hab seen.

Den meet meet me at sunrise alone —
Meet me at sunrise alone.

Dark nights may do for the whites —
From de gaze ob de darkies dey're free
But as we're not shamed ob our faces,
De daylight is better for we.


Oh! remember you's bound to be dar,
For you said as how you'd stand treat;
All doe dat I lub you full well —
I also lubs something to eat.

Den meet me at sunrise alone, &c.