Hymn 28. 7s. & 6s.


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1. Land of my sleeping fathers!
O'er thee no chain is flung;
Through all thy verdant vallies,
The shout of joy is rung;


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Wide o'er thy rolling rivers,
Thy fair and sunny plains,
And up thy rocky mountains,
The soul of Freedom reigns.

2. But is there then no shadow,
To dim this hallow'd mirth?
Is not thy name, my country!
A by-word on the earth?
Are all the captive's loosen'd?
The fetter'd slave set free?
Is his crush'd spirit gladden'd,
On this gay Jubilee.

3. Say to the captive toiling,
In Freedom's proud abode:
"Cast off thy fetters, brother!
Take back the gift of God."
Let not oppression linger,
Where starry banners wave;
Swell high the shout of Freedom,
And give it to the slave.