Our Native Land.


Our native land, our native land,
For thee, thou lustre of the world,
Still firm, united we will stand,
With banner high and flag unfurl'd.
The legacy our fathers left,
By freedom sanctioned, still is ours;
Nor shall our noble tree be reft,
While ev'ry branch is strewed with flow'rs,
Then huzza, huzza, ye sons of the free,
Strike, strike, the bolt from treason's hand,
For God, for fame, for Liberty,
For union and our native land.

Our country dear, our country dear,
Shall faction spurn our holy laws,
Shall freedom's sword on freedom's spear,
Be wieldd in oppression's cause.
Our fairy fields shall they be strew'd
With brother slain by brother's hand,
Shall fathers raise their arms of blood,
Against the ensign of our land.
Then huzza, huzza, &c.

Our starry flag, our starry flag,
Whose eagle sits enthron'd above,
Shall it not wave o'er hill and crag,
Triumphant in the hour of fight.
Let him who swells rebellion cry,
In civil strife, but turn to thee,
A patriot's tear would fill his eye,
His bright sword strike for Liberty.
Then huzza, &c.