It Was a Knight.


From Wallace's popular Opera of Maritana.

It was a knight of princely mein,
One blue and golden day,
Came riding through the forest green,
That round his castle lay.
And there he heard a gipsy maid,
Her songs of love reveal;
Like a spirit of light,
She enchanted the knight,
'Twas the king of Castile.
Sing, sing, Maritana,
No delay, no delay,
Love's minstrel, Maritana,
We will pay, thus we pay.

Her beauty's blaze, her magic tone,
His lost heart fled in vain;
And soon he raised her to a throne,
O'er fair Castile to reign.
And so it chanc'd a gipsy maid,
As legends old reveal;
Like a spirit of light,
For enchanting a knight,
Was a queen of Castile.
Sing, sing, &c.