Taylor, the Fine Old Southern Gentleman.


Song performed by: Dean Potter (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

AIR. -- "Fine old English Gentleman."

I sing to you an honest song, made by an honest pate,
Of a fine old Southern gentleman, who owns a fine estate;
And who, in peace or war, or both, has ever been first rate,
And an honor to old KENTUCK, his noble native state --
This fine old Southern gentlemen -- one of the present time.

He isn't like your "nice young men" -- your dandy Broadway beaux --
Who smell of Goraud's "eau jasmine," and all other kinds of eaux!
And pinch, in true Parisian boots, the excruciated toes --
He never "cut a swell" -- afriend -- or ought but fighting foes,
This find old Southern gentleman -- one of the modern times.

When of vet'rans old the blood ran cold at the savage Indian's yell,
"OLD ZACHARY" stood 'midst death and blood, and earned his laurels well --
Nor was the voice of charity o'er driven from his heart,


Which still hath been, 'mid every scene, fair mercy's counterpart.
He's a fine old Southern gentleman -- one of the present time!

He never stood, in time of war, for holiday parade;
Or heeded all the technicals of some Generals of Parade;
He fought with gallant soldiers, who of hasty "supes" were made,
And proved that volunteers, with him, some learned the fighting trade
Of the fine old Southern gentleman -- one of the present time.