The Abolition Regiments.

We are informed by the abolition press that the secretary of war has authorized the organization of five stay-at-home abolition regiments in this state — four of infantry and one of cavalry, thus confirming our prediction that enough would be organized to give every abolitionist a chance to enlist in these "safe regiments," while democrats would have to go where there is fighting. There was an enormous rush for offices in the first regiment, but they were all filled by the time the announcement that they would received was in type. Let our valiant black republicans, who want to be "real" soldiers, but don't like to encounter "real" live rebels, take courage. Several more regiments are to come, and all can have a finger in the pie. What with provost marshal-ship and offices in these peace regiments, the woolly heads in this state will be pretty much all provided for.

We suggest that the uniform for the home guards be a hat with white feather, broadcloth dress coat, patent leather boots, white kids and a wooden sword. Their extraordinary valor should be rewarded with extraordinary decorations.